I create Media about thoughtfully-designed spaces and remote wilderness areas.

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I’m fascinated by the corners of our world where magic lives in abundance. Being outdoors has given me so much – primarily a sense of awe and gratitude, along with a few scars to complement! I believe that by witnessing nature in its purest form, away from man-made distractions and trappings, we truly grasp the deep significance it holds in shaping the way we think and live, in conservation, and ultimately the legacy we leave behind.

A short background

After completing a BCom degree in Marketing and working as a commercial photographer in Durban, I took up the role of lead photojournalist for South Africa’s oldest travel magazine. This  journey introduced me to an extraordinary editorial team turned friends. Together, we tackled adventures as diverse as gorilla trekking in Rwanda, comparing Smørrebrød menus in Copenhagen, and tracing the footprints of pilgrims in KwaZulu-Natal. 


After a few years, the freelance realm beckoned with opportunities to contribute towards international publications, travel on multi-day horse adventures around the globe, and dig into crafting media for upscale design properties. Today, my work spans fulfilling collaborations with NGOs, safari operators, boutique hotels, editorial publications, and the creative minds of interior designers and architects.


I will always retain a strong connection with my home continent, Africa, and am available for commissions worldwide. nowadays you’ll find me somewhere between Seattle, the balmy coastline of Kenya, and the pages of a book.


Elegant, atmospheric, clean and filled with natural light. Contact me on INFO@TEAGANCUNNIFFE.COM


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Ant Baber, The Ant Collection

I know I have thanked you before, but Tea you have created something amazing for Ants, and I’m so grateful to you for your amazing eye and brilliant skill. I so enjoyed having you up here and showing you our patch of the bushveld!

The Craigs, Lewa Wilderness

We absolutely loved working with Teagan! She captured the heart and soul of Lewa Wilderness so perfectly, with her photos now transforming our website. She was an absolute delight to work with, just felt like part of the family.

Caroline, Wilderness Safaris

So glad that you actually made it and had the time to create these lovely images for WS. Love how beautifully polished they are – THANK YOU!

Kia, Klein Nektar

Teagan is an amazing photographer as somehow she manages to convey the true feeling of a place in an enhanced way. Many of our guests have commented on her beautiful photographs.