"I have just gotten home and have had time to go through the photos you sent! I can imagine the time it has taken you to whittle all those photographs down to 800 amazing, stunning photos! I know I have thanked you before, but Tea you have created something amazing for Ants, and I’m so grateful to you for your amazing eye and brilliant skill. I so enjoyed having you up here and showing you our patch of the bushveld!”
- Ant Baber, The Ant Collection




“Thanks Teagan - awesome images! Caro and Gemma please use as much as possible on Instagram over the next week."
- Brett Thomson, Sun Destinations

Klein nektar

"Teagan is an amazing photographer as somehow she manages to convey the true feeling of a place in an enhanced way. We noticed when she does a photo shoot she goes out of her way to first understand the place or space she is photographing. She has many creative ideas and she takes her time photographing every scene, often going back to get the correct light and mood. Many of our guests have commented on her beautiful photographs. If Teagan is available to take your photos, go with her, you will not be disappointed!"
- Kai Daehnke

FARM 215

Berghouse and cottages

We have thoroughly enjoyed using the beautiful pictures from your last photoshoot. Must be fun for you to see the pictures at "work" winning so many hearts and minds. This last post has just reached 11000 views in as little as 30 hours from posting on Facebook, that is organic reach, not sponsored. The posts are achieving some traction, we are receiving bookings, thank goodness. Just concerned about this virus getting out of hand and Govt putting us back in lockdown. Thank you for spending all those hours patiently setting up under testing Drakensberg weather conditions, starting at the crack of dawn and finishing late into the night. We really appreciated the quality of your work as well as your work ethic, your attention to detail and most of all the "end" product, being the delightful gallery of spectacular photos that we have been using for the past few months on all our media platforms. We have recommend you to various lodge owners and hope to be able to acquire your services again in the near future.