Basic image refresh

Duration: one full day

Best for: 

– targeted lodge image updates (e.g focus on a new room, or lounge refurb)

– Small guesthouses, BnB’s and cottages wanting an image update on their essential offerings.  

– social media content generation for future use

Full image refresh

Duration: 3-4 nights

Best for: 

– lodges and boutique hotels wanting a complete update to their imagery across board, e.g website and portfolio use, magazines articles, photo albums and marketing events. 

– social media content generation for future use


“Curated lifestyle stories that see phenomenal results: our latest client received a 3000% increase in likes, 2000% increase in impressions, 300% increase in profile visits and 200% increase in website visitors.”

Together with creative consultant and website developer Em Finney of The Wild Co, selected images and video content is edited and shared during the site visit to narrate guest experiences of the day and engage audiences across social media. There’s an immediate and significant improvement – backed up by hard stats – on overall audience engagement and visual appeal.

Duration: 1-3 nights


Deliverables during site visit:

Photography and videography of guest experiences

Daily social media postings


Deliverables after site visit:

Feedback, relevant stats and brand insights presented along with full explanations

Handover to staff including best-practice recommendations for ongoing social media

Images and video content created during the site visit in both high and low resolution



Targeted social campaigns can be done in conjunction with a full-scale brand reinvention. 



Short instagram videos

instagram stories and posts


In conjunction with The Wild Co

Updated media is used in combination with Em’s clean and modern web design style.

This major package completely overhauls and boosts your marketing presence, strategically using each individual service and tying all communication together for the most overall brand impact. 



  • brand consultation and website analysis prior to site visit
  • full image update during site visit
  • social media campaign during site visit to strengthen engagement
  • refreshed and improved website using updated images
  • media for ongoing social media usage

album design

“Tea, the photo album is amazing!! It is the perfect size, and the double-pages that spread flat for panoramic shots are unbelievable. It will be a great marketing tool for Fred at the shows - you can be so proud of what you have done!”
- Ant Baber, The Ant Collection

Photo books, coffee table books and photo albums.

This is a highlight for me, as I get to create something with substance and longevity .


Text can be either be fully or partially supplied. If the latter, I will write up paragraphs inspired by my site visit and (fact-checked) understanding of your lodge’s history, staff and feel. There’s a satisfying flow in being involved from the beginning of the photography side, through to design, write-up and final hold-it-in-your-hands real creation of one of these books. 



  BLACK LEATHER-BOUND PHOTO ALBUM    |      30x40cm      |       LUSTRE ARCHIVAL PAPER      |       80 PAGES

  HARDCOVER PHOTO BOOK    |      25x25cm      |       170 GSM ART PAPER    |       46 PAGES