Lewa Wilderness selected for Conde Nast’s 2022 Gold List!

Lewa Wilderness selected for Conde Nast’s 2022 Gold List!

Not that I can claim any input into the decision-making process! But I can applaud from the sidelines as one of my favourite lodges, located in the enigmatic 65 000-hectare Lewa Wilderness Conservancy, places on Conde Nast’s prestigious Gold List for 2022

This gorgeous video below perfectly encapsulates the feeling of visiting the Craig’s family residence.

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In 1922, the Craigs/Douglas families owned and operated as cattle ranchers co-residing with wildlife underneath the gaze of Mount Kenya. At the suggestion of a family friend who was horrified by the decimation of rhino population numbers, the Craigs established Lewa Wilderness Conservancy. In 1972 Lewa Wilderness opened to their first guests, using their home as the foundation for what was to become a world-favourite darling. 

Lewa Wilderness Conservancy is now a UNESCO World Heritage site visited by tourists, royal family members and celebrities alike. Lewa Wilderness has been featured in the top travel magazines in the world, from Travel and Leisure to Conde Nast, Forbes, The Times, The Financial Post and more. 

In late 2019, I was commissioned to update Lewa’s marketing media across board, covering rooms, lodge setting, guest experiences and staff members. This was my first visit to Kenya, and the feeling in this country is different. For instance – one could ( if one knew how) hop into a small plane, fly yourself to neighbouring lodge Borana, and meet up for mid-morning tea, before flying back home over the golden plains and tiny dotted animals and arriving before lunch. That sort of stuff is done here.

I’m excited to be returning in March 2022 to update Lewa Wildlife’s marketing content and celebrate their 50th Year Anniversary. 

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