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I grew up on a diet of adventure books, camping trips and climbing trees. I’ve always known that I want a life geared towards appreciating the natural beauty around us. I believe it’s only by experiencing wilderness areas, devoid of man-made distractions, do we truly understand their importance in our lives, our personal developments, and all of our futures. The overarching goal of my work is to encourage travellers to experience these incredible places for themselves. Sustainable tourism has the capacity to support and preserve cultures, livelihoods and the environment. It can shape the way that we make decisions on this planet, and what we place our importance on. I hope to be involved, in some small way, in that process.


– Elegant, approachable, clean and filled with natural light. Translates well to print and digital.

– Mix of semi-styled and candid scenes.

I put my all into creating content that fits my standards, and aspire for my work to rest somewhere between authentic and beautiful and ever-improving. The end goals tailor the way that I approach a shoot, from following briefs that support marketing efforts to composing images with design layouts (on screen or in print) in mind. Ultimately, this media is created to assist storytelling, and sales.


About me

After completing a BCOM in Marketing and working at a commercial photographic company, I moved to Cape Town to work as the  lead photographer for Getaway, South Africa’s oldest travel magazine. Now that was fun. There, I learnt the ropes of what it takes to be a full-time travel photojournalist, producing high-quality work amidst pressing deadlines and with the support of a stellar editorial team.I turned freelance in 2018, focussing in on luxury lodges and adventurE travel with work taking me from Zambia all the way through to Argentina. 

Recently relocated to seattle with a whole new continent to explore, I now split my time between the USA and Africa.


Oh, and I’m an avid horse rider. I’ve brought travel, photography and horses together into, quite literally, my childhood’s dream job. More about that on 

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